just a little prep

just a little prep

Before You Visit

Complete this easy preparation prior to your scheduled CQ Appointment


Know your WISDOM Homes Inclusions

It all starts here! Have you selected Luxury, Prestige or Signature Inclusions for your new home? Knowing your Inclusion package will determine the right home upgrades and selections for your CQ appointment.

Luxury, Prestige and Signature Essentials have varying Inclusions.  Knowing the level of specification applied to your new home will determine most of your new home selections.  For easy reference, visit our home page and refer to our Luxury, Prestige, Signature and Pools and Landscapes brochure before your scheduled CQ Appointment.


Visit our Supplier Brickyards

Venture to an Austral or PGH Brickyard to select your brick. Visiting one or both brickyards will help you to visualise and determine the colour and quality of brick for your new home. Don’t forget to bring a sample of your chosen brick to your CQ Consultation.

We encourage everyone to visit an Austral or PGH Brickyard prior to their appointment. Whilst we have samples in our CQ Selection Studio, the brickyards provide larger displays of your chosen brick which plays a large part in your External colour scheme. Our partner brickyards will provide a sample of your chosen brick, bring this along to your CQ Consultation.


Browse Social Media

Inspiration in the plenty. Social Media provides the perfect platform for new home ideas. If you have colour preferences or style favourites, make a note. We can use this as a handy reference during your CQ Consultation.

Where to start? Visit our many display homes for ideal finishes and colour schemes. We can reference these on the day but the many home designs will provide inspiration and ideas.

Don’t forget to visit our Canvas Quarter Facebook and Instagram Page whilst browsing online.

Next steps

Discover more on Canvas Quarter and prepare for your Consultation

Our Studio

Learn more about our facilities and state-of-the-art Selections  Studio

Pre Selection

Some helpful information and options to review prior to your CQ Consultation.

Getting here

Our Selection Studio is centrally located with reserved CQ Parking.

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